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Sunday, October 4, 2009

day 3 of P90X....not jewelry related!!!!!!

hi ladies....
so this post is NOT jewelry related and i apologize for that but i just wanted to do a post on whats going on with me lately!!!! well...i have recently recieved my acceptance letter for my acceptance into a local craft fair...for those of u who live in hawaii on the island of oahu come and visit me at the craft fair at the okinawan center in waipio on november 28-29... :) ill be happy to meet u!!! :) so i have been busy making new pieces and old pieces for the craft fair...
and in other news, i have started P90X...i know alot of u fellow bloggers have hyped about P90X and im so excited to be doing it too for myself!!! :) i am currently on day 3 of P90X and let me tell u...its NO cake walk!!!!! :( it is intenseeeeeeeee...let me tell body aches all arms r superrrrr sore and my legs...OMG...i dont even wanna go there!!! :( all in appetite for some reason has decreased since i started this P90X and i think thats a good thing...decrease in appetite is probably do to the fact that this intense work-out wipes u out!!!! :) im so happy though...and i hope that in 87 days from now ill be able to show pics of myself that i wont be embarrassed about and hopefully when i do youtube vids i wont look the way i look!!!!! :) if anyone is doing or have done P90X leave me a comment on this post telling me how u like it or liked it and tell me how it transformed ur bodies!!! i would love to hear from all of u!!!! :)
i really am in the christmas spirit right now...i know..i know...halloween hasnt even passed and im into christmas but...i cant help it....i loveeeeeeeeeee christmas...ive been listening to christmas music and im watching a christmas movie right now on HBO...a miracle on 34th street!!!! i love this movie... <3 about to start my day 3 P90X so i will blog u guys later!!! hehe^^
Ezziebell Couture POST #2 coming tomorrow...i sorry for the inconvenience guys...u guys r awesome....also i have started an EZZIEBELL EYE CANDY on the right hand side!!!! i would like to post more pics there so..send me some pics of u sporting some ezziebell jewelry to my email and i will post them in eye candy section... :)
have a great day gals!!!! :)
Ezziebell Jewelry..made with love.
p.s. my official Ezziebell Jewelry LOGO is in the works right now...hopefully ill get to post my logo all over my blog soon!!!! ;)


  1. whats that p90x?hehe
    i was just wondering whenu gonna post ur couture line ?hehehe

  2. p90x? never heard of that. how long and how many times you do per day? Hope to hear from you about this next time on ur blog ^_^ I'm rooting for you!! oh and thanks for sharing your experience ^_^ I might also do it if i organise my sched!

  3. i've been wanting to try the p90x as well but haven't gotten around to it yet, it sounds tough but i'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end!

    can't wait to hear about your results, thanks for considering me an eye candy ^__*

  4. I want to try the P90X!!
    but it's expensive and I heard that you need a lot of equipment for that which I don't have :[
    and I can't wait to see your new pic!! :D

  5. my husband has been raving about the p90x system and he wants both of us to get on it so we can go back to our dating size - i think we probably both doubled in size since we've gotten married. (although some of my weight has to do with having 3 babies 3 years in a row) You'll have to keep us updated with how your progression goes with the p90x. can't wait til the 90 days are over. Also, will you need to keep the workouts going after the 90 days are up?

  6. Congrats on getting accepted into the fair!

    Thanks for telling us about P90X, good luck on the program!

  7. I have seen the infomercial for the P90x and even though I haven't done it I totally see why you say it is tough! Kudos to you, and good luck!

  8. My boyfriend started p90x 60 days ago and let me tell you... HE IS RIPPED! I couldn't believe the change. I did the yoga with him one day and just could not keep up!! I love the kempo tho, I think its fun! GOOD LUCK!!